Social Media Analysis on Qatar Crisis


In our second past on the Qatar crisis, we look at the social media activity of users since the crisis erupted.
There were well over 5 million posts on the topic on various social media platforms ranging from those sharing news and experiences to arguments between people supporting both sides. Here is a timeline of such posts with a few prominent peaks in discussions corresponding to some big developments.

One of the best ways to understand the various discussions happening is to group them by the subject and hashtags (unless abused) are one natural way people do this. Here is a list of such hashtags seen in the posts.

Moving on, we look at the cities from where a bulk of these posts have come out from.

As in the case of social media campaigns, there are always some people or organisations that drive the discussions forward, or in other words, have a bigger weight in shaping the conversation.
Here’s a list of such people / organisations based the number of times they were @mentioned.

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